The prerequisites for MATH 160 Calculus for Physical Scientist I are MATH 117, MATH 118, MATH 125, and MATH 126.   Incoming freshmen who need to take MATH 160 fall semester but did not satisfy the trigonometry prerequisite on the Mathematics Placement Examination may wish to participate in this review.    MATH 124 is currently a co-requisite and may be taken concurrently with MATH 160.   However, beginning with the SP11 semester, MATH 124 will be an enforced prerequisite for MATH 160.

To be eligible to participate in the Intensive Pre-Calculus Review, a student must have
taken the Mathematics Placement Exam no later than Thursday, July 22, 2010 and

placed out of or qualified for credit in at least MATH 117 and MATH 118.

Students who have placed out of both MATH 125 and MATH 126 have met the prerequisites for MATH 160 and do not need to participate in the Intensive Pre-Calculus Review.

Students participating in the Intensive Pre-Calculus Review register for MATH 125 and/or MATH 126 through the Department of Mathematics based on their CSU Math Placement results. Practice materials will be provided online so students may start preparing in advance of the on-campus review sessions. At the conclusion of the review sessions, students must pass a proctored exam for MATH 125 and/or MATH 126 to place out of the course. Students who successfully complete the Intensive Pre-Calculus Review will satisfy the missing prerequisite(s) for MATH 160, Calculus for Physical Scientists I. .

On-Campus Review Sessions: August 17, 18, 19, 2010

On-Campus Proctored Exam Dates: August 19, 23, 24, 25, 2010

Registration Fee: $40 for MATH 126;  or $60 for both MATH 125 & MATH 126

Registration Information: Registration is through the CSU Department of Mathematics
                     Prerequisites are strictly enforced based on a student's CSU Math Placement results.

Registration Deadline:   July 23, 2010

For additional information contact:
Mathematics Department
101 Weber Building
Phone: (970) 491-1303

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Last updated on:   May 20, 2010