Instructor Paced Classes are offered for students who prefer on-going, personal interaction with an instructor and the structure provided by scheduled class meetings and exams.  These classes are typically scheduled to meet in MW or TR time slots during 6 week subterms of the semester.   Students who reserve a seat are expected to attend all class meetings.

In these classes, the instructor presents the course material according to a pre-announced schedule. The first half of each class session consists of the instructor's presentation. The remainder of each class session focuses on individual work, and the instructor helps students work through the required assignments related to the material presented that day.

All of the learning resources of the PACe Program are available to students who have reserved a seat in an Instructor Paced Class.

Seat reservations for the Instructor Paced Classes are managed by the PACe Program.  Students who are registered for PACe minicourses are sent an email the week before the semester begins providing seat reservation instructions.  We recommend that students identify an Instructor Paced Class sequence that meets their needs, and then reserve a seat in each of the courses found in that sequence.

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Last updated on:   June 3, 2008