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All the way with Gaston Floquet: A theory for flicker hallucinations

By  Bard Ermentrout, University Professor of Computational Biology
From  Department of Mathematics
University of Pittsburgh
When  September 13, 2013
4:00 pm
Where  Weber 237

I will discuss the dynamics of neural systems that are coupled by slowly varying synapses in several different contexts. In the first example, I consider "bath" coupling where the interactions are mediated by a slowly varying environment whose small fluctuations about the average provide weak phasic information. I apply this to a model for seizure activity to understand the spiking dynamics within the burst. In the second example, I attempt to explain some recent simulations of the slow migration of activity in a spatial model for the hippocampus. Starting with a stationary "bump" attractor, I examine the effects of weak heterogeneity and weak and slow adaptation. From this I can derive equations for the motion of the center of mass of the bump.

Gerhard Dangelmayr